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Our Terms & Conditions

For Tutors

  1. Tutors need to submit copy of their Address/ID Proof in the form of either one of Adhar or VoterID or Driving license or Passport along with Two Coloured Passport Size Photographs and Recent Obtained Educational Qualification.
  2. Tutor need to inform us first about any misbehaviour from parents/students before taking any action.
  3. In case of any fraud activities by teachers with any student, we are free to take legal actions against him/her.
  4. Tutors need to inform us immediately about their present address and phone/mobile number if changed and are liable to present their ID proof if demanded by any student/Parent.
  5. Tutors are supposed to be punctual and behave professionally while visiting student for trial or regular class.
  6. We reserves the right to modify, add or delete any conditions.

For Students/Parents

  1. TheHomeTution provides you the most suitable tutor for your needs, but it does not guarantee any kind of success in any examination or test that the students may participate in.
  2. The final decision to choose tutor completely depends upon your judgement.
  3. Tutor we provide needs to be treated with Respect and Dignity.
  4. Any activities by tutor related to tutoring is our responsibility, rest is your own.
  5. Parents/Students are free to ask for qualification proofs in case of any doubt before hiring a tutor, however, we do document verification before directing them to any students.
  6. We reserves the right to modify, add or delete any conditions.